«For 30 years, LPG® has been innovating with patented technologies capable of optimizing tissue health, and with beauty as the only side effect. We are convinced that respecting the skin and its ecology is the key to preserving youth. endermologie® thus appears as a 3rd possible way between too aggressive aesthetic solutions that are potentially harming in the long term, and cosmetic solutions with limited, superficial effects. No need to choose between visible results and respecting our body any longer. This is why every day 200,000 people worldwide benefit from our slimming and anti-aging techniques.»

Nathalie GUITAY


endermologie® is the responsible choice for a non-invasive but mostly non-aggressive beauty, health and anti-aging solution, that fully respects the skin’s and the body’s ecology.

A true 3rd way between too superficial solutions like cosmetics and too full-on aesthetic procedures with numerous, often unattractive and contaminating side effects.


Expert in connective tissue treatment for 30 years, LPG SYSTEMS has established itself as a key player worldwide reaching more than 50,000 health professionals (treatment of scars, edema, fibrosis, etc.) and aesthetic professionals (cellulite, firmness, localized and resistant fat release, wrinkles, contour and facial rejuvenation, radiance) with the endermologie® technique. The endermologie® technique consists in the professional use of patented technologies (treatment heads with motorized rolls or flaps) controlled by a high-tech device called CELLU M6®. Its efficiency has been proved by 140 high-level scientific studies and followed by an International Scientific Research Committee (COSIRE).


  • 200,000 people treated daily around the world
  • Aesthetic solutions for the body and face
  • Visible results
  • No side effects
  • "Made in France" technologies